Global Marketing Tactics is an award-winning agency with offices in San Diego, Los Angeles, and London. We combine the efforts of marketing from all the different genres to create one customized strategy that will help meet the client’s marketing initiatives. We are committed to use our expertise and passion to create inspiration for your brand. We specialize in taking start-up level marketing programs and transforming them into national level marketing campaigns. Global Marketing Tactics was founded in 2010 by Sweta Patel, who says, “Our passion is to expose other people’s passions!” Technology is always evolving, how are you keeping up?” We stay on top of the latest trends in the business world today. If you want to work with a company that knows how to market in the real-world then WELCOME you are in the right place!

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marketing to millennials

Marketing to Millennials: The 3 Ingredients that WORK

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Marketing to Millennials is a challenge marketers can’t ignore. Whether we are talking about the audience of a start-up tech company, new app, product or service, those born between 1982 and 2004 currently hold a Titanic sized load of America’s buying power. As a millennial myself, I love helping brands reach 90’s kids! When it’s…

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How Startups Can Capture Hot Leads Using LinkedIn

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We’ve all been on the receiving end of annoying sales emails. You don’t want them…so why would you send them? There is only one way to make sure that your emails are not spam: Find the RIGHT leads.  Your list should to be made up of those who will be interested and see the value…

Snapchat for boosting brand audience

To All Snapchat Doubters: Here’s How Snaps Can Boost Brand Loyalty!

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Disney uses Snapchat, Rhianna uses Snapchat…but chances are, you are still a little skeptical. Rightly so. The list of social channels that marketing experts will tell you are a “must” for your business just keeps growing, and if you’re a small business, it’s just too much. However, nearly 20% of social media users in the U.S….

Can Passion Kill Your Career?

Can Passion Kill Your Career?

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For better or for worse, passion is a driving force. You’re sitting in it like you would a brand new, fully loaded Jaguar. The road ahead is calling to you – tempting you. Put the petal to the metal and find out just how fast you can go. The exhilaration is half the prize, the…

We Love Our Happy and Successful Clients

GLOBAL MARKETING TACTICS launches several new campaigns every year with a selected amount of new companies. We choose five exciting entrepreneurs every year and help them grow their business.


How Can We Help You?

We helps entrepreneurs like you grow their business through national and international marketing campaigns. Our elite team of entrepreneurs has 30+ years of experience. We help you discover how to generate more customers, cut down expenses in the right places and develop marketing strategies that will blow their competitors away.

Marketing and Training Hangouts

Are you tired of paying for courses and not getting the value? You are in the right place! Tune in  as we bring together the top influential industry experts to help entrepreneurs who are struggling in the trenches. This is the cutting-edge information you need in order to take your start-up to the next level. Our selective interview process only brings real information from real influential marketing experts. There is no fluff, no gimmicks, no selling … just value-added content. Join below!

Global Marketing Events

Entrepreneur “Virtual Cruise” is a life-changing event that brings together entrepreneurs, authors, speakers and investors from around the world to receive specialized training, deep-connection networking and relationship building. This is the cruise that will accelerate your business to the next level. It happens once a year and we accept new applications. We are selective on the entrepreneurs based on a number of different factors. Apply below to see if you qualify:

Global Marketing Team

When your business consults with Global Marketing Tactics expect value, respect and integrity. We leverage from the top thought leaders in the industry and bring you strategies that will work at a reasonable price. Our unique value proposition is to help entrepreneurs take their idea and turn them into growing business year after year. The marketing strategies we use will triumph team building, leadership values and reinvent the current corporate culture.


Marketing University

Our commitment to help entrepreneurs thrive starts with real-world marketing practices. Learn more here!


Global Marketing Consulting

Helps entrepreneurs excel in their most challenging areas through our award-winning marketing program. We have supported many start-ups take their marketing and sales to the next level so they can grow their business with ease. After all without sales you don’t have a business and without marketing no one knows about your business. We have combined the best of both worlds.

Marketing Minds Podcast

This is where entrepreneurs can learn new industry tips, tricks and tactics to get ahead in the marketing space. We invite the brightest marketing experts to our interviews and have them share the latest working strategies. Our show welcomes other entrepreneurs in the space to join us in on a HOT SEAT where we go over the whole business structure and give them insight on what’s working, what isn’t working, and what needs to be switched up. Come join in as we share this knowledge with and create a mindset for marketing together.

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