Why SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? Well, when you build a house and move in, does everyone already know where you live? Of course not! Your website needs exposure, so it can be found on the web today. How does it get exposure? We strategically increase the rankings of your target keywords to appeal to your audience.

Through Global Marketing Tactics' SEO strategies, you will be able to build a brand and collect leads that will convert! The search engines love relevant websites, so it is our job to give the search engines what they like. We will show you our progress on a monthly basis as we help you reach your milestones.

Onsite Optimization includes:

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SEO Services Website Analysis SEO Services Google Analytics Account
SEO Services Competitor Analysis SEO Services Image Optimization
SEO Services Keyword Optimization SEO Services W3C Validation
SEO Services Title & Meta Tag Optimization SEO Services Robot.txt Submission
SEO Services Content Optimization/Keyword Placement SEO Services Generate RSS Feed
SEO Services Google, Yahoo & Bing Submission SEO Services High PR-One Way Links
SEO Services Creating HTML + XML SiteMap


Website Analysis

We will check the current standings of your on-site optimization and SEO tactics you have already implemented (if any). Then we will recommend a follow-up plan on all the tactics that need to be fixed in order to reach your milestones for your campaign.


Competitor Analysis

Yes it is a saturated marketplace out there, and this is why we will work on finding your top competitors and analyze the strategies they are using to increase their rankings. When you look at your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses you will be able to get the feedback you need when we implement your campaign. Ready to reach the top? Because we are ready to take you up there!


Keyword Optimization

First we will research the correct keywords that will attract your target audience (the more targeted they are, the larger your ROI is.) Then we will work on optimizing those keywords for the search engines, so we can increase your rankings. The increased rankings will lead to more targeted traffic and a larger ROI down the line of success.


Title & Meta Tag Optimization

We will optimize the title and meta-tags on your website so they are EFFECTIVE in the search engines. Who wants a meta-tag and a title that is not going to get them the targeted traffic they need? This is why it is important to segment your target audience so we know exactly who we are going after when we are working on the rankings.


Content Optimization & Keyword Placement

How fresh is your content? Does it appeal to your target audience, or is it appealing to a robot? The point of your website is to make it stand out to your target audience. After all they are the ones buying right? This is why it is vital to place variations of your keywords throughout each of your web pages. Each page should be optimized for a keyword phrase and they should all be different. We will create the keyword placement strategy for you, so when the search engines crawl to your content, they just can’t get enough of it!


Creating HTML SiteMap

The HTML SiteMap makes it easy for the search engines to crawl to your website and know exactly what to index. This is the map that will show the search engines the architecture of your website and how the users will see it.


Image Optimization

We will optimize all your images so they show up in the search engines under the proper keyword. After we optimize them they will be found in the search results that will help you rank faster, as images in the search engines show up before the organic search results.


Google Analytics Account

We will need to set up analytics for your site so we can track and measure metrics. This way will now how to retune your strategy when it comes time. The analysis will show the areas that we need to improve on, the keywords that are getting the most traffic and where you are getting most of your traffic from.


Google, Yahoo & Bing Link Submission

We want to be in all the search engines right? The link submissions will allow your business to be exposed in the most popular search engines today!


W3C Validation

We will check to see if the web developer did his job when it comes to errors in the coding. We are also check for broken links in the source code and any other items that might affect the SEO of your website.


Robot.txt Submission

This file will let the search engines know which content you want to have indexed and which content you want to hold back. I would recommend not indexing any PDF material, as it is not really going to help your rankings.


Generate RSS Feed

You do want to be able to be searchable in all the popular blogging directories right? This is why it is important to generate a RSS feed so your audience can subscribe to your feed.


High PR-One Way Links

Link building is a long technical process, and there is a strategy behind it. Sure there are tons of ways to build links and your rankings, but we work around building valuable long-lasting links that will help your website’s rankings. The search engines grade upon relevance, so that is why high-quality links will help your business in the search engines in the long-run.

Our Offsite-Optimization Activities Include:

    • Multiple Directory Submissions

    • Guaranteed Backlinks

    • Social Bookmarkings

    • 5 Articles

    • Press release submissions

    • Social Networking Site Submissions

Blog Writing

Blog Profile Creations

Classified Ad Postings

Forum Postings

Video Optimization

Submissions for Articles

Reporting Includes:

    • Initial Rank Report

    • Monthly Work Report

    • Progress Rank Report

Traffic Report

2 Hour Phone Consultation