Local search is already dominating the organic search results provided by Google, Yahoo, and Bing! Can you believe it?

If you noticed how the search engines change their algorithms for the organic search results, they do the same for local search results. If you are missing out on local search, then you are missing out on a tremendous amount of traffic to your website.

We will build strategies that you can implement on your local search campaign to increase the exposure for your brand and improve your rankings! 

Local SEO Services Include …

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SEO Services Google Business / Local SEO SEO Services Google Search Keywords/Phrases
SEO Services Competition Analysis SEO Services Review & Analysis
SEO Services Business Listings SEO Services Reporting

Google Business Promotions/Local SEO 

We will promote your business to a series of different websites that will increase the rank of your Google Places listing. Remember, Google loves it when businesses use their products so this is why having an optimized Google places is important.


Competition Analysis

Who are your competitors? Do you know which local keywords they are ranking for already? Lets do some strategic research to find out how their rankings are in comparison to yours. Then we will optimize your campaign so you can dominate your competitors in the market!


Business Listings

There are other sites out there besides Google. This is why we will make sure to reach out to other review sites that will help the optimization of your local listing. We also want to make sure we increase the friction and the reviews on these sites, so we can receive a positive sentiment reaction from our target audience. Then let word-of-mouth drop in, do its job, and you have yourself a successful business!


Keywords and Phrases for Google Search

Let’s have a consultation on your goals for the local SEO campaign. After we look at your goals we will come up with an idea of how many phrases you want to rank for. We don’t want to rank for too many phrases at once. Let’s start with the top 5 and work our way up. This means your listing will show up for certain queries. This is why keyword research is vital before the optimization process.


Review & Analysis

After every campaign we will analyze the results and strategize for the next campaign. Marketing is an ongoing process, so if you decide to stop and any given time, then you will lose what you have built up, and why is that? Well, there are always new businesses that are ready to replace your and they are willing to work-hard on their campaign to reach the top levels as well. This is why we will need to keep our efforts consistent to maintain the top position mark.


  • Initial Analysis Report