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snapchat for b2b

Snapchat Strategies for B2B Marketers

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The line that separates casual online social interactions from professional outreach efforts is becoming increasingly blurry for B2B marketers. While you’ve probably warmed up to promoting creatively through channels like Facebook, YouTube, and maybe even Pinterest, surely you must draw the line before an app like Snapchat. Right? Wrong. New Horizons on the B2B Landscape…

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Snapchat for boosting brand audience

To All Snapchat Doubters: Here’s How Snaps Can Boost Brand Loyalty!

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Disney uses Snapchat, Rhianna uses Snapchat…but chances are, you are still a little skeptical. Rightly so. The list of social channels that marketing experts will tell you are a “must” for your business just keeps growing, and if you’re a small business, it’s just too much. However, nearly 20% of social media users in the U.S….

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How To Make High-End Sales Through Social Media Part 1

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How To Make High-End Sales Through Social Media Part 1 In most cases I experienced our clientele using social media to just increase their ‘exposure’ through updates of various articles, quotes, facts and multi-media pieces.” Failure after failure has taught us what it really takes to win business through social media marketing. Be Searchable First,…

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