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The Business

Founded in 2005, Stemtech International is the pioneer of a new category of nutritional supplements, called stem cell nutrition.

Its products are all clinically studied and patented or patent-pending, and harness the body’s own cellular self-renewal system by supporting the natural release, circulation and migration of adult stem cells.

Stemtech’s wellness products are only available through Independent Distributors and are not sold in stores.

The Challenge

Stemtech is an international company with established distributers but no online presence. When they met with Global Marketing Tactics, their main objective was to connect and interact with all the different distributers around the world.

Besides that, they also wanted to bring on new distributors through word-of-mouth. They wanted to build a marketing army that would spread the news about their new products in the different countries. They have been able to do this without an Internet presences for the past few years, but in 2010 they were looking to expand and reach even further.

They needed help reaching the ROI they wanted with a totally different type of program. The good thing was that they were a fan of mass marketing. This is when we started to market on all the channels; hold promotions, and conference events.

We wonder where Global Marketing Tactics could take them in 2010 to the present moment.

The Solution

This is when we created strategies that will incentives their current distributers to bring their friends and family on. We started using contests and promotions on their channels. However, we weren’t just posting content, there was a strategy behind it.

We only posted certain questions on certain days. Then right before the conference we would give away tickets to the conference. It would be best if the conference were filled right? This is why we decided to give away free tickets prior to the event. This will allow the winners to invite their friends, who would have to pay for their tickets. The conference was a success!

Now, Global Marketing Tactics used a different strategy to follow up with all the attendees. We decided to hold on-going inspirational webinars every week. This will allow the distributers to connect online from all over the world.

All our content became inspirational because that is what the ultimate prospect for Stemtech wanted. After a year of working on their online marketing campaign we were able to conquer the top two milestones: (1) Getting people from all over the world to connect, and (2) getting more distributors on the team.

The Results

And, here were the results from our strategic marketing efforts:

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