Maximized Lead Generation Case Study

Holiday Inn

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The Business

“Holiday Inn® is a brand of hotels, formerly an economy motel chain, part of the British InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG).

Holiday Inn is one of the world’s largest hotel chains with 238,440 bedrooms and 1,301 hotels globally. There are 100 million guest nights each year, globally. The Holiday Inn Express brand was designed with frequent travelers in mind.

With high-speed Internet access, a hot breakfast and a comfortable room that will leave you relaxed and recharged. It’s more than a basic business hotel. It’s a place that understands you, and the way you get things done.”

The Challenge

The Holiday Express branch in northern California needed a new strategy to bring in more guests during the off-season. Global Marketing Tactics came in to observe their current standings and program they had in place to bring in new guests.

They were just using current events and cross-promotion partnerships with the local chamber. Now they wanted to expand their program and try something different. Their budget allowed them to be flexible with different types of strategies.

Then after an analysis of their prospects, we started creating a program that would bring in corporations. They did not want to target sport events, nor families with tons of kids. Then we thought about traveling nurses, government workers, cooperate travelers, etc.

This list could go on, but how would we get in touch with those people? Also, where were their prospects? What would be the KPI of us reaching our goal? Could it be the guest bookings? Customer satisfaction surveys? Conversions from the internet?

The Solution

For those that know how to ‘mind for gold’ on the Internet will be successful implementing this campaign. There are about 500,000 search engines out there, so why just stick to Google? This when Global Marketing Tactics developed a market research strategy to find the niche prospects Holiday Inn Express was looking to bring in.

We looked for the head contacts in the major corporations and searched for all kinds of information on them. In this case, it was the marketing director we wanted to be in contact with. When we found the direct contact information, along with the all the other information on the company, we developed a sales call strategy.

This is when we reached out to hundreds of corporations in California alone to see if they already had a selected place for their employees to book “overnight stays during times of travels.” How many hotels do you know reach out to corporations in regards to hotel stays? Well, even if they did, how would they generate the leads?

This is why Global Marketing Tactics to a proactive step in curate leads, and following-up with them. After we were done we measured the hotel stays during the slow times. They were increasing, but they wanted to implement an online strategy as well.

This is when we decided to carry out a customer review strategy to increase our reviews on: Expedia, Travel Advisor, and Yelp. Gradually, this helped increase our conversions twice as much on OTA hotel sites.

The Results

And, here were the results from our strategic marketing efforts:

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