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Bonamour International

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The Business:

Bonamour International is a wellness lifestyle brand. Bonamour was created to develop a global platform for entrepreneurs, wellness professionals, individuals, and couples, who wanted to explore self development and life fulfillment, through a network of like-minded people willing to provide support, encouragement, and training to others wanting to live their best life now.

The brand began as a concept in 2008, and launched in North America in Spring of 2010 and Asia later the same year.

The Challenge:

Bonamour’s biggest objective was to increase the traffic to their website. They were not ranking for ANY keywords in the search engines, nor did they have much of a social media presence.

They did have a strong business strategy though, so now it was more about carrying out the marketing objectives.

They wanted to try out something new and try to build a presence online in order to connect with the buyers from all over the world. When there is a global reach and neither SEO nor social media is implemented, then we have a problem. We needed to start engaging their fans fast.

They had a large marketing budget, however their PPC ads were also not targeted to get a hard sell, so their ROI on them was extremely low.

We needed to come up with new strategy that would combine the efforts of: PPC, Social Media, and SEO to increase the traffic to their website.

The Solution

For their PPC campaign we started to use a different keyword strategy and started retargeting the Display Network Ads. Then we implemented all the on-site SEO optimization techniques to get them ranking for the major health oriented keywords we chose for them.

We implemented a social media strategy where we would only interact during the off times to see who was paying attention. We used a hyper-personalization approach to feed the demand of the prospects.

The main reason we used this approach was so could collect the information of the main prospects and support them as they took the next step in the sales funnel. We saw how aggressive social media was leading to more traffic on the website. It wasn’t just traffic, it was qualitity traffic from the buyers themselves!

Now, Bonamour is commited to being consistent with their online marketing campaign as they watch their marketing initiatives sky rocket!

The Results

And, here were the results of our campaigns for this company:

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