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heating up marketing at dreamforce

Last Minute Demand Gen Strategies to FIRE UP Your Presence at Dreamforce

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Looking around at the demand generation efforts in the expo room at Dreamforce is a little like watching a catfight at a bar. Strangers stare as a group of loud, annoying ladies in glitzy outfits compete for attention. Most people are a little lost as they attempt to understand what’s going on. The argument, sparked…

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Bold B2B Campaign Fireworks

Five Bold B2B Campaigns That Captured Fleeting Attention Spans

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Each year sparks new and creative ways to market in the B2B space. Marketers manage to launch highly unique and engaging campaigns while still maintaining professionalism. I imagine the planning and strategy meetings for these campaigns as completely mundane…until one particular moment. A firework moment. Something sparked an idea…and the team rolled with it. They…

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snapchat for b2b

Snapchat Strategies for B2B Marketers

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The line that separates casual online social interactions from professional outreach efforts is becoming increasingly blurry for B2B marketers. While you’ve probably warmed up to promoting creatively through channels like Facebook, YouTube, and maybe even Pinterest, surely you must draw the line before an app like Snapchat. Right? Wrong. New Horizons on the B2B Landscape…

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b2b customer converting promotional calendar

The Step-by-Step Guide for Developing an Ultra-Converting B2B Promotional Calendar

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As a C-level marketer, you are spending thousands on your assets; but perhaps your gated content is not receiving much attention. Information is becoming more ubiquitous than ever. It is not unusual to see nearly identical material featured on five different publications. In an effort to break the cycle and avoid sounding like a broken…

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Facebook marketing strategies

5 Proven B2B Lead Generation Strategies on Facebook

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Many B2B companies see Facebook as one big barbeque party. You never know who you’ll run into. It may be the “girl next door” or a B2B decision maker from an Enterprise company. In their minds, it’s a matter of chance whether Facebook will yield fruits for their businesses or not. Other companies assume that…

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attribution calculator

Is Attribution Right for Your Business?

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2016 is all about the ultimate customer experience. Which of your assets are the top contributors creating that dazzling customer experience? As marketers we continuously test the effectiveness, ROI and revenue generation on our marketing campaigns. After all the hard work and implementation, sometimes we have made so many changes that the actual “fix” is…

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