“… GMT helps you profit in the our knowled-driven economy.”

Howard Berg, The World's Fastest Speed Reader“As the world’s fastest reader, I know the value of information. The Global Marketing Tactics website is chock full of powerful, useful, and easy-to-learn information that will help you profit in our knowledge-driven economy. You are going to be amazed at how quickly this information grows your business.”

Howard Stephen Berg, The World’s Fastest Reader, MrReader.com

“Sweta Patel, I am so glad I hired you! Business is doing better than ever!”

“Sweta Patel, I am so glad I hired you! At first, I was a bit skeptical … i.e., you being from Southern California and I being from Northern California.With all your great recommendations, I am so happy I did decide to hire you. My business is doing better than ever. Before I started working with you, I only had about one to two customers a week. Now, I am pulling in 40 hours a week with new clients booking and re-booking with me! Without your marketing skills, I would probably still be paying for marketing tactics that wouldn’t have been working; and only having one to two customers a week. I wanted to thank you so much. I am so happy that my business is doing great.”

~ Angeline Branscum (Beauty Business)

“Every group and corporation … needs to bring you in as a speaker!”

“You were amazing, Sweta! You are a dynamic speaker and a total expert on Social media. Everyone loved your presentation. Every group and corporation across the country, that wants their members to be more up on social media, needs to bring you in as a speaker. You are one of the best I have heard on the topic. You certainly know your stuff.”

~ Robbie Motter

“All my clients are going to benefit from what Sweta teaches at GMT …”

Mandy Pratt, The Coaches' Coach, MandyPratt.com“Being a personal coach who coaches professionals on both personal and business matters, I am always glad to recommended great training resources to my clients who need help with their marketing. Well, GMT is the perfect recommendation for me to make, because Sweta covers all the topics my clients badly need help with. When it comes to SEO, PPC, link building, social media plans and marketing, increasing their search engine rankings, wow, I know all my clients (and myself included) can benefit from what Sweta has to teach.”

Mandy Pratt, The Coaches’ Coach, MandyPratt.com

“Real-world marketing and training is exactly what Sweta shares …”

John Santangelo, Founder of LANLP.com & Auther of Setting Goals “I was very impressed with Sweta’s teachings and the knowledge she had to share with respect to marketing. Anyone who knows me, knows I’m a marketing information training course junkie. That says a lot when I say I too have seen a lot that’s out there.
What Sweta brings to the table is a format for training, along with the knowledge she brings to you, in such a way that it too has made me think twice about how I go about marketing my business, books and seminars. Real-world marketing and training is exactly what Sweta shares. Thank you, Sweta. Keep up the great work. I’ve learned a lot from you.”

~ John Santangelo, Founder of LANLP.com & Author of Setting Goals (KINDLE)

“Sweta shares marketing tips I’ve not heard from anyone, and I’ve been around the Internet marketing game for more than a decade!”

“I’ve been making my living 100% online for more than a decade, and have had access to some of the greatest marketers in the world, along with their training material on marketing. Well, let me tell you something, I’ve heard more great marketing wisdom come from Sweta Patel than all those marketers combined! Bart Smith, TheMarketingMan.com & Founder of MyTrainingCenter.com

Sweta brings so many of the latest mass-marketing techniques when it comes to social media marketing, SEO, PPC, blogging, keyword research, creating social media plans, executing social media plans, increasing your rankings on the search engines, link building and getting other sites to link to you … the list goes on!
Oh, and did I forget to mention, all her teachings are contained within ONE website? I love that! Talk about your all-in-one training center of mass-marketing know-how. GMT has it all!

I was privileged to be able to help build GMT with Sweta, and in doing so, I got a personal front row seat to every one of Sweta’s classes. Folks, let me tell you, sign up and take every course. Why? If I could paraphrase what one of her clients said with my own thoughts, it would go like this, ‘Sweta may be young, but don’t let that deceive you. What she knows about marketing will definitely save you time and money, and help shape your overall marketing plan like you can’t believe.’

What amazed me the most, having gone through all 50+ of her training videos, all 12 of her 30-45 minute (each) Q&A audio recorded sessions, all 100+ recommended resource links mentioned throughout her online classes, and every section devoted to money-making ideas based on what you learn per course, (and what stood out for me) were all the golden marketing gems, nuggets, tips, strategies, ideas, systems, tactics and techniques she had suggested to her clients, and how they worked, and how they can easily be parlayed into your own business no matter what you sell. Take it from me, having been through all her courses, I’m definitely going to be incorporating at least 20 specific marketing ideas I’ve gathered from Sweta’s teachings that I never thought of doing before. Thanks for that, Sweta, really!

Sweta’s teachings are all substance, all meat, and no fluff, huff and bluff that you might see in some of these other online marketers who just want your name and email address so they can sell you their recycled (training) garbage. Again, trust me on this one, I’ve seen a lot of them (i.e., so called Internet marketers) come and go. Do yourself a favor and set aside a spending budget to start taking Sweta’s online courses. Dedicate yourself to taking them all, focusing on taking 2 courses per week, for the next 30-60 days. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did. I know I was, and I helped build this site; giving me that insider’s viewpoint I hope you gain soon too!”
~ Bart Smith, TheMarketingMan.com & Founder of MyTrainingCenter.com

Marlene Green, The Queen Of Green, MarleneGreen.com“I find Sweta’s teachings refreshing, and impressive …”

“I’ve spent years running my own business, whether it’s in real estate, publishing my own business magazine for millionaires, speaking, writing books, you name it. I’ve circled with the best, and have a vast network of business contacts in my industry that keep me apprised of what’s the latest and greatest out there when it comes to marketing and training. That being said, what I find refreshing about Sweta’s teachings is that they are exactly that, ‘fresh,’ ‘real-world,’ as she puts it, and very applicable to virtually everyone’s business. You are in store for a real education when you choose to enroll into any one of Sweta’s online classes. There’s no one that covers such a vast array of material like Sweta does; and in one website? Not from what I’ve seen out there. Impressive, to say the least.”

Marlene Green, The Queen Of Green, MarleneGreen.com