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Sweta Patel, CEO/Marketing Strategist

8895 Towne Centre Drive, #105-255
San Diego, CA 92122-5542
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Press Releases

Here’s a PRWeb press release written up about my company,


Award-Winning Speaker

Sweta is also the winner of the Debra Reed Sempra Award – Business Leader Initiatives. The spirit of the Debra Reed – Business Leader Award is to recognize an individual who has demonstrated leadership qualities that rise above the norm. Sweta is also the recipient of the Los Angeles Business Journal award for 2014 Women Making A Difference.

Sweta inspires others through outstanding performance and by leading through example in her chosen field of expertise.

In the future, Sweta sees herself inspiring others to become leaders in their field of expertise of passion, because that is where Sweta is going!


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Here’s a small bio you can use on your blog or when interviewing Sweta Patel, founder of 

Sweta Patel is a young, leading entrepreneur and expert in mass marketing. She is the founder of Global Marketing Tactics, your #1 source for real-world marketing and training. Her passion is to teach large and small business owners how they can leverage different marketing technique, strategies and tactics to meet their marketing goals and initiatives. Sweta has worked with a vast number of international companies and national brands. Sweta may be young, but don’t let that deceive you. She is truly a strategist in the marketing industry. People love working with her on different strategies, as she always brings many creative ideas to the table! In the future, Sweta sees herself inspiring others to become leaders in their field of expertise of passion, because that is where Sweta is going!


Here, I was mentioned in Fashionista magazine, regarding an interview I did with Steven Cuoco, which you can listen to on this page in my recorded interviews section below. You can read the actual article here, or view it on their website here.


Here is an article where I dicussed how I analyzed different online marketing strategies to help a golf resort attract more visitors to their website/brand. You can read the article here.

You can read this article below, in Business Today, where I talk about using content to drive website traffic to your business.


Listen to this interview with Sweta Patel …

You can listen to a pre-recorded interview with Sweta Patel, founder of Global Marketing Tactics, to hear all the graet information she has to share, potentially, with your audience! Take a listen, and book Sweta for your next available show as your guest on marketing, promotion and social media.


Would you like to interview Sweta Patel?

If you would like to interview Sweta Patel, GMT Founder & Marketing Entrepreneur, you might like to peruse the following list of questions, and/or come up with a few of your own, and mix them in together.

  1. What kind of marketing advice would you give a new business owner just starting out today? What would be their first step?
  2. How do you go about creating a marketing plan for a business? Why do you stress this as one of the first things they should do before launching out with their products or services?
  3. How are marketing campaigns different from small business to a large national brands? Naturally, budget, but what are some other differences?
  4. Speaking of budgets, what type of a budget should a small business allocate today to conduct their online (and offline) marketing activities?
  5. Why is the combination of several marketing strategies important for a business? What are some example marketing strategies you recommend?
  6. What would you say to businesses who have hired marketing companies to help them with their marketing, but wound up not achieving the results they had hoped for? Do you have any stories you could share? What can business owners do to avoid these results/mistakes when it comes to hiring someone to do their marketing for them?
  7. Can you talk about the pros and cons of online marketing? What works, what doesn’t? Myths, facts and realities?
  8. What is your background in marketing? How did you come to learn all about marketing, promotion, blogging, SEO and PPC?
  9. When did marketing become such a passion for you? How long have you been into performing marketing services and training for others?
  10. When was Global Marketing Tactics (GMT) born? How did you come up with the idea to create GMT?
  11. What do you want GMT to help achieve for you and your clients? How is GMT different from other marketing agencies?
  12. You offer online training courses in marketing. What topics do you cover? What does a typical course consist of? How long is a course? How does someone take an online course?
  13. Who is your ideal client and why?
  14. Do you have a favorite client who stands out that you’ve worked with, and what was their success story specifically?
  15. What type of results should a campaign produce the first year and what makes up a marketing campaign?
  16. Why do you stress “testing” when it comes to marketing? How can you go about testing the marketing place for ideas, headlines, copy, etc.?
  17. What would you advise someone who has “tried” marketing, but had a terrible experience with a previous agency or hiring someone to help them with their marketing?
  18. What are your goals for Global Marketing Tactics in the next 5 years?
  19. If companies want to get help marketing their brand, and such, should they turn to you for help? Why? What process of marketing do you take them through?
  20. You have an affiliate program, what’s that all about?