We at Global Marketing Tactics have a combined 30 years of experience in real-world marketing training that specializes in latest strategies in technology. We teach our clients how to use the latest platforms in order to reach their marketing initiatives.

We encourage companies to use mass marketing techniques to make the most of their marketing budget. Some companies just don’t have the time to carry out their marketing initiatives? No problem! This is why we are here to help.

Our team builds strategies, plans and solutions to help you determine your KPIs throughout every phase. We have noticed how over the years that most corporations need top notch marketing communication to reach their prospects, find their prospects, and build long-term relationships.

A company’s prospects (like yours) needs to learn more about your brand attributes and how you can help potential clients and customers understand your brand. A company’s prospects (like yours) needs to learn more about your brand attributes and how you can help potential clients and customers understand your brand. We help you build the marketing army that will help you promote your business. 

Behind the brand their needs to be a human voice, touch, and feel. This is the core ideal that makes Global Marketing Tactics different from all the other one-size-fits all marketing companies.

We take the time to understand the core values of your brand so we can create that exact marketing army to vouch for your business. Most marketing companies feel as though it is all about online marketing, digital marketing, publicity marketing, traditional advertising, and/or video marketing. In reality, it is a combination of all those things plus MORE that will make your campaign a sky rocket success! We provide you the insight and knowledge to make your marketing goals easier and reachable.

Global Marketing Tactics has worked with many different international companies and national brands include: WD-40, Bumble Bee Foods, Bonamour International, Falcon Fund Asia, Gayl Murphy (The Hollywood Correspondent) and much more!


sweta-patelSweta Patel is a young, leading entrepreneur and expert in mass marketing, and the founder of GLOBAL MARKETING TACTICS. Sweta spends a lot of time on the “web stage,” not just the “speaking stage” giving power point presentations. Her passion is to teach companies how they can leverage from different marketing techniques to meet their marketing initiatives.

She was fortunate enough to speak in front of more than 10,000 women business owners, and she gives the most dynamic interactive presentations in the industry.

Sweta has worked with a vast number of international companies and national brands. Her favorite was Bonamour International because they were able to build the most leads in a matter of a couple months. In addition, they increased their ROI by 23% by executing no cost tactics.

The brand loved how we utilized mass marketing techniques in a variety of ways to keep their CRM on the positive, and increase their brand exposure. They said,

“Sweta is young, but don’t let that deceive you. She is truly a strategist in the marketing industry, we love working on different strategies with Sweta. She brings so many creative ideas to the table!”


Sweta has a ten-year background in the realm of marketing, as a young entrepreneur she used marketing to get her through one of the most prestigious colleges in the country (University of California San Diego).

Through consulting, she has helped many business owners reach their goals using different online and offline marketing strategies to generate more money for business owners. Sweta is results-driven and her clients usually see an increase in revenue by applying the correct tactics and strategies within a reasonable amount of time.

Sweta is a popular, young marketing maiden and she loves to share her marketing wisdom and expertise with those that want to see their brand identity come to life, manage their reputation and create more brand awareness than they had before they met Sweta.

Sweta is also the winner of the Debra Reed Sempra Award – Business Leader Initiatives. The spirit of the Debra Reed – Business Leader Award is to recognize an individual who has demonstrated leadership qualities that rise above the norm. Sweta is also the recipient of the Los Angeles Business Journal award for2014 Women Making A Difference.

Sweta inspires others through outstanding performance and by leading through example in her chosen field of expertise.

In the future, Sweta sees herself inspiring others to become leaders in their field of expertise of passion, because that is where Sweta is going!


Most websites have individual team members listed on the site. We are ONE team with ONE vision and we work together on everything to help our clients reach the ultimate success with their business and marketing goals.

We’ve helped over 600 business owners, startups, and entrepreneurs taking them from not evening know what a CMO does to helping thing create a marketing division within their company. This marketing division increases their sales and lead generation over 400%. Yes! We are the team that transforms startups into companies who actually have customers to serve all the time. 

Whether you need small time management services or results from your marketing division or even more sales, we do it all.

Our clients have seen major results within six months of strategic development and coaching. The biggest  challenge most of our clients are facing is the challenge to raise money, make more sales, and creating a marketing strategy used by their target audience.

Our core strength is to help entrepreneurs and ideas come to life. We have helped startups create marketing teams, research teams, and plans to have that launch they always dreamed about.